In this Revealing Post We’ll Discuss What is an Explainer Video? What is an Explainer Video Script, What is the Explainer Video Production Procedure.

In this Video, We’ve Captured Animatically what is an explainer video, scripting, and its procedure

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These are the contents we’ll cover in this post:

  • Let us, Deep Dive, into the question What is an Explainer Video?
  • Also in the process we will explain What Is Explainer Video Script?
  • Later we would discuss What Is Explainer Video Production Procedure.


So, What is an Explainer Video?

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An explainer video is any video that breaks down and explains a Product, Topic, or Service in an Uber appealing format and easy to understand language for the end-user.

An explainer video is only as good as the script and a good eye-catching animation is.

Because it should appeal to the end-user soon who only gives 5 seconds of attention to your product or your service.


Secondly let’s understand What Is an Explainer Video Script?

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An explainer video script is the heart of your explainer video.

A Good Explainer Video Script should break down the jargon of your business to bite-sized knowledge explaining, What Is In It For Me, with your Product or the Service?


The script should be laid out in the format of copywriting, we call the AIDA principle.

AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


  • The script should First Capture the client’s Attention just within 5 seconds.
  • Next it should trigger Interest in your client to continue watching the explainer video.
  • Further, it should make your client Desire your product or service
  • At last, an explainer video script should have a specific Call to Action (for example – click the button below to get your free gift)


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So let’s now look into What Is an Explainer Video Production Procedure:

What Is an Explainer Video Production ProcedureCopyright: Image by StockUnlimited

Explainer Video Production Procedure includes 4 – 5 Main Steps to capture the last ounce of juice for the client’s ideas on an explainer video.

  1. Client Discussion – This would include the brand colors, fonts, type of the explainer video format, who is the explainer video audience, what is their age of the audience, some examples of videos client likes, etc.
  2. Explainer video script – This would be the copywriters who would have the client’s likings and data to explain the product or service of the client. Copywriters follow the AIDA principle as explained earlier to create the script.
    Also script length is dependent on the client’s budget and depth of explanation required for the product or service. Once the client approves the script next step should follow.
  3. StoryBoard – Once the script is ready, the client is supposed to be given the storyboard on how the animations would look like in the final video.
  4. Animation – After the storyboard is approved, animators get their magic spilled on canvas with tools like adobe after effects, videoscribe, or other tools.
  5. Voice Over and Background Music(BGM) – Once the animation is complete, Voiceover artists perform the voiceover where different moods of playful, corporate or happy, etc mood is captured.
    Later BGM is adjusted to the tone of explainer video audience age, product’s usage, happiness, sharpness, anger, frustration and other moods to capture the client’s senses.
  6. That’s it now the client is handed over the video gloriously to engage the client’s audience.


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